With the aim of providing a comprehensive and compliant service, ADP chooses people who join and bring their own vision providing the company with their professional talent in every project, which is still a reality today through their work, commitment and daily efforts helping us to achieve our ultimate goal: meeting the needs of all of our clients.

Therefore we have the human and technical resources required to develop your project.

Together with the usual Administration, Human Resources and Machinery Departments, ADP complements its structure with the following Departments which help to improve the projects' thoroughness and reliability:

Execution Department: Located on site, this Department is responsible for the material execution of the different projects, comprising: a Site Manager, an Assistant Site Manager, a Manager, a Foreman and a Layout Officer etc.

We also rely on a series of central departments from which each site team receives constant support and advice for the successful development of the construction process with the aim being for the end client to be completely satisfied.

Technical Department: This Department is responsible for the economic study of the budgets. Property Consultancy and Technical Management thereof, consisting of technical solutions, proposals for alternative materials and the taking of measurements etc.

Interior Design and Decoration Department: This Department is responsible for carrying out design projects in line with the owner's preferences and tastes.

We combine the technical and creative side of the business with the aim of creating a project that combines practicality, functionality, aesthetics, harmony and a balance between every element both architecturally and decoratively.

Individuals' homes, business premises and offices are spaces to which we focus all our creativity. The creation and comprehensive redesign of spaces is the area in which our style takes on a greater personality.

Facilities Department: This Department reviews the plans for the works to be performed. The Dept. supports the Technical Dept. in the study of new projects. Advises the client in new technical solutions and cost optimisation. Inspection visits during the execution of the works with support for the on-site team.

Cost Control and Scheduling Department: This Department is responsible for scheduling works as well as planning works costs and monitoring both.

Production Department: This Department is responsible, together with the Foreman, for the recruitment of partner companies. It monitors compliance with established deadlines. It assesses and monitors subcontractors. It is linked to the Architectural Department.

Quality Department: Monitoring of the works to ensure proper execution, checking and testing of the materials used as well as inspection of the project's critical points. Property Consultancy and Technical Management in terms of details and constructive solutions. This Department is responsible for compliance with quality and environmental procedures as set out in the company's manual.

After-Sales Department: This Department is responsible for dealing with our clients and end owners directly during our works' guarantee period, assuring our presence and attention through a dedicated team chosen for this purpose, once the projects are complete.